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Desta Bostock





Desta is a UK Reiki Master and offers Reiki healing sessions. These encompass Byosen Reiki-Ho
scanning and Karuna holy fire Reiki with symbols and chanting. This promotes healing through deep
relaxation. Specific conditions can be targeted while setting firm intentions creating an overall sense
of balance.
Desta has embraced arcane and holistic learning her entire adult adult life. Drawn to Reiki over
twenty years ago, she studied and qualified in Reiki Levels I - III. More recently adding Karuna Holy
Fire III at the Reiki Maya Centre, London.
Desta works with clients who wish to address specific health concerns or injuries and aid recovery.
Also those who wish to relieve the stress and tensions of modern life. Her Reiki therapy compliments
individuals who’ve embarked on their own spiritual journey, keen to bring balance to their mind,
body and spirit.


  • Reiki Healing consultation

      and treatment    60min 

  • Reiki Healing consultation

      and treatment    90min 


  • Reiki Healing 3x60min 

  • Reiki Healing 3x90min 


  • Reiki Healing 5x60min 

  • Reiki Healing 5x90mins









50% off all treatments

to Grapple Zone Members 

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